Did you know your body needs to drop one full degree to enter a deeper REM sleep? A cooling mattress topper can benefit your entire night and well-being. This mattress topper is guaranteed to help your body drop that one degree for a deeper sleep.

The top-rated bamboo mattress topper in use by several of the best hotel chains is at its lowest-recorded price today. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday price point revisited today means this is a last chance offering and something I expect to sell out extremely quickly.

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Features of the Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress 17cm

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• Top-rated bamboo mattress topper provides additional support and comfort
• Special cooling bamboo keeps you more comfortable all night
• Ideal for those looking for more sleep support
• Make any mattress more plush in seconds
• Protects current mattresses and extends the life of your bedding
• Breathable 100 percent organic and natural bamboo keeps your bed cooler during summer months
• Tested tops with mothers across the country
• Easy-to-clean with full warranty and highest customer reviews
• Machine washable
•100 night trial