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We're here to help! Our knowledge base & FAQs cover the mattress, shipping, returns, setup & your life with Vesgantti.

  • What Safety Certificates Does Vesgantti Have?

    All materials used in our products have the right certifications to ensure that they're safe and non-toxic.

    every mattress sold needs to pass two very specific burn tests: an "open flame" test and a "cigarette" test.

    In order to pass these two tests, a mattress typically needs to have a component known as a fire barrier that self extinguishes the mattress when on fire.

    We've done a lot of research as a team and decided the best solution for our  Mattress was a fire sock flame barrier. This component is permanently installed around the foam core of our mattress which is then fully encased within the outer cover. You will not come into contact with the sock unless you unzip and remove the outer cover of your mattress, which we do not recommend.

    If you believe it is necessary to remove the cover (for example, to clean it more thoroughly in the case of serious spills or soiling), we recommend that you contact us before doing so. We may be able to offer tips to avoid potential issues with removing and replacing the cover. In any event, our mattress cover should never be machine washed.

    Our fire barrier doesn't contain any fire retardant chemicals. Instead, it's a tubular knitted fabric (often referred to as a "fire sock"), composed of four inert fibers and is inherently flame retardant.

    The mattress received the UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification, signifying that our product satisfied the strictest chemical emissions standards tested for by UL Environment, a unit of Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety-consulting and certification company  

    Our foam  received the CertiPUR-US® Certification and BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified

  • Why Does Vesgantti Cost So Much Less Than Other Mattresses?

    Mattresses have huge markups over there manufacturingcosts. A mattress that costs $300 to actually make might sell for $2000 in amattress store.

    we are mattress manufacturer,  we can cut out the middle man and pass those savings on to you.we believe good sleep should be accessible for everyone.

  • Where Are Vesgantti Mattresses Shipped From?

    Vesgantti ships from our uk warehouse.

  • How Do You Set Up The Vesgantti Mattress?

    We recommend moving the box into the room where you will set up. Then, follow these steps:

    1. Unbox your mattress on its side, next to the foundation or floor. Avoid using a sharp object to open the box as you run the risk of unintentionally slicing your mattress. Unboxing by yourself? Try placing your foot on one of the box flaps to hold it in place while you pull the bedroll out.

    2. Position your rolled up the mattress on any solid or slatted foundation and remove the outer layer of plastic wrap. You'll notice that your mattress has already started to expand at this point.

    3. Unwrap and fold the mattress and tear away the inner plastic. If you tear the inner plastic at the top of the bed, you can pull it straight down and off like a sock.

    4. Watch your vesgantti mattress expand and take shape.

    Note: It may take up to an hour for your mattress to fully expand and a few days to fully firm up. 

  • What Size Mattress Do You Make?

    Our mattresses are made in four standard uk sizes: 3FT. 4FT.4FT6.5FT

    Below are the dimensions for each:

    3FT Single , Full size: 90*190 cm;

    4FT Small Double,Full size: 120*190cm;

    4FT6 Double,Full size: 135*190cm

    5FT UK King,Full size: 150*200cm

    6FT Super King. Full size: 180*200 cm

  • How Do I Know Which Mattress Size Is Right For Me?

    We highly encourage you to measure your space or bed frame before placing your order. We've known customers to accidentally order the incorrect size and only realize once it's delivered. Confirming the best mattress size for your space before ordering will save you the inconvenience of switching out your wrong size mattress for the right one.

  • Can I Use A Heating Pad?

    we don't suggest you use a heating pad for vesgantt mattress.

  • Can The Vesgantti Mattress Be Used On Bunk Beds?

    We do not recommend using Vesgantti mattresses with a bunk bed. Although it's safe for use on a bottom bunk, most top bunks have low safety rails, so the 9.4 inch above height of the mattress poses a risk of rolling off the upper bunk.

  • Is There A Weight Limit For The Vesgantti Mattress?

    we do suggest 200 lbs per person or 400 lbs total for Vesgantti hybird mattress. and  150 lbs per person or 300 lbs total for Vesgantti memory foam mattress.   If you exceed this recommendation it will not void the 10-year warranty and you will still get plenty of the benefits Vesgantti has to offer. Regardless of weight, we are confident you will love your Vesgantti Mattress.

  • Can I clean Vesgantti’s Cover?

    We suggest not , We do recommend using a water-resistant mattress protector to help prolong the life and quality of your mattress and cover.

  • Will All Products In My Order Be Delivered At The Same Time?

    We do try to make sure your items get to you at the same time, but unfortunately our products aren't always shipped together as different couriers may be used depending on the product. We do give you a tracking code for each item as soon as your order has been shipped so you can trace your eve purchases.

  • CAN I Specify A Delivery Date?

    "Since UPS/Tuffnells/Yodel are the third parties, we're unable to 100% guarantee that your order will be delivered on a specific date—occasionally a weather or operational delay could impact your delivery by a day or so. We recommend keeping a close eye on your order's tracking numbers. That said, you can rest assured we'll do everything in our power to target your delivery date. 

    To get started on submitting your request, please reach out to our Product Consultants to place your order by emailing to . They will make a note in our system so that your order arrives no earlier than you need it! 

    As soon as your order ships out, we'll send over a shipping confirmation email with tracking number(s) you can use to follow the progress of your package.

  • Will You Remove My Old Mattress?

    we don't provide this service now ,we will consider it in the future.

  • Do You Deliver On Saturday Or Sunday?

    We pick up the vesgantti mattress from monday to friday .excluding Bank Holidays

    UPS will occasionally deliver on Ground packages on Saturdays. In order to get your order on Saturday or Sunday, we recommend having your packages delivered to a UPS store or friend's house ahead of the weekend, where you can pick up your packages at your own convenience.

  • Why Have I Not Received My Order Confirmation Email?

    Please ensure that you have checked your junk and spam folders for the email. To prevent this from happening again please add in to your safe list. If you still can’t find the email please 

  • How Much Is Delivery And How Long Does It Take?

    It is free for mainland UK. see the details.

    Delivery within 3-5 days for UK Mainland, and 5-10 days outside of this. between 8am and 7pm

    Our standard delivery service is completely free.Available for all our products 

          Please note: 

    If you live in a remote area of the UK (Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Scottish Islands) your delivery will take a bit longer (sometimes up to 10 working days).

    There will be an extra shipping cost for the belowing zones (zone C & D & Others). Please contact at before you place an order.


  • Where Will My Item(s) Be Left?

    Your item(s) will be delivered to the front door of your house, or the main entrance to your block of flats. Unfortunately due to insurance reasons, our couriers can't bring the item(s) inside.

  • Will The Delivery Courier Call before Delivery?

    Unfortunately the couriers will not call before the delivery as they are not provided with work phones.

  • Do You Ship To Foreign Countries?

    No, we’re sorry; we do not ship to foreign countries. If you live outside of the UK., please visit  and  see the details our store

  • Do I Need To Be Home For Delivery?

    Our couriers require a signature when they deliver, so yes, someone will need to be at home. If you do miss your delivery don't worry, our courier will retry over the next two business days.
    For help re-scheduling your delivery day, just contact us. Our couriers are able to make changes to your delivery date once they've made a first attempt.

  • Can The Vesgantti Mattress Be Folded For Transport?

    The vesgantti mattress is not designed to be refolded once expanded.The initial compression process uses roller presses which compress the mattress with over 10,000 lbs per square foot for vacuum packing

  • Which Courier Do You Use?

    We use DHL, DPD and UPS.

  • How Do I Track My Order?

    Once you've placed your order, our products typically ship from their respective facilities within 1-2 business days. Once a product has shipped, you'll receive a tracking number that you can use to follow your package as it makes its way to you. 

    Please keep in mind that delivery may take longer during/after holidays or severe weather conditions. We recommend keeping a close eye on your order's tracking numbers. That said, we'll do everything in our power to get your order to you as soon as possible! 

    If you're having trouble with your tracking information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Experience team by emailing to  

  • How Do I Know Which Mattress Is Right For Me?

    We meticulously designed each of our mattresses to ensure you get the best night's sleep. That said, don’t hit snooze on chatting with us! Our Sleep Specialists are happy to help guide you to the perfect mattress for you. Reach out any day of the week by 

  • Why Do You Use Different Delivery Couriers?

    Due to the size and weight difference we use different couriers to keep the delivery cost as low as possible.

  • What Happens If My Mattress Is Too Firm / Too Soft?

    The firmness of your mattress is entirely a personal decision based on your comfort and support needs - there is no right or wrong firmness. However, with so much choice you may find it difficult to decide what level of firmness is best for you!

    We want to help you make informed decisions so that you can choose the perfect mattress for you. Everyone is different - and that includes how soft or firm you like your mattress to be, too!

    We have created a firmness rating scale that you can find within the information for each individual mattress. From very soft to extra firm, our guide can help you to choose the right firmness.

    Our Sleep Specialists are happy to help guide you to the perfect mattress for you. Reach out any day of the week by email.

    If you are unhappy with the firmness of your mattress when you receive it,email to for more help.

  • How Often Should I Replace My Mattress?

    Conventional wisdom states you should replace your mattress once every 10 years. Of course, this number depends on how often you use the mattress and how well you care for it

  • How Do I Move A Vesganti Mattress?

    Our mattresses will not fit back inside the box they came in the popular option is using mattress boxes available through moving companies.

  • Can I Provide Additional Delivery Details?

    During the order process you can provide details you wish to tell the delivery couriers,email to vesganttiuk@gmail.comfor more help  . Please note that our couriers will not call to notify you before delivering your order.

  • What's The Difference Between Buying An Mattress Online And Buying On amazon?

    Amazon is an independent retailer of our products. When purchasing through Amazon you'd need to contact them directly for all after care regarding your mattress – as this wouldn't be able to be done through us.

  • Who Should Consider a Mattress Topper?

    A simple solution for those looking to make their sleep setup softer and overall cushier.

    A mattress topper is typically most suitable in the following situations:

    The mattress is too firm. The topper can create a softer, more comfortable sleeping experience for individuals who prefer less firm surfaces.

    The sleeper has no control over their sleep surface. Toppers can provide more comfort — and in some cases, support — for people sleeping in college dormitories, hotels, long-term care facilities, and other away-from-home accommodations.

    The mattress on an RV bed is not comfortable enough. RV beds often feature cheaper mattress models that offer minimal comfort and support, and toppers can significantly optimize these sleep surfaces.

    The sleeper is staying at a different residence. Toppers are ideal for guest beds, sofas, and other sleep surfaces that are normally reserved for overnight visitors (and may not be as comfortable as the guest’s primary bed).

    A couple has different comfort preferences. In the absence of a dual-firmness mattress, a topper can modify one side of the mattress for couples who prefer different sleep surfaces.  

  • What Does This Limited Warranty Cover?

    We stand behind our sheet and offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty to prove it.

    This Limited Warranty is limited to material defects resulting from defective materials or workmanship in the Product you have purchased.

     The Limited Warranty applies under conditions of normal household use, but does not apply in the case of: negligence, soiling, improper cleaning, misuse, abnormal use, ordinary wear and tear, accident or commercial use.

    Specifically, this Limited Warranty covers the following defects, provided that they arise or appear in circumstances in which you have handled, maintained, and used the Product only for its intended household purpose and have not subjected it to commercial use or other conditions likely to cause deterioration or damage beyond normal wear,

    Any manufacturing defect in the sheet that causes fabric ripping, fraying or pilling, seam splitting or tearing, loss of elasticity, or other product failure under conditions of normal use and proper handling.

  • What Will Vesgantti Do?

    We will repair or replace the defective Product or the defective component(s) of the Product, if and as applicable. In the case of a manufacturing defect in a component or feature of the Product, we may elect to repair or replace the component or feature rather than replace the entire Product, and we reserve sole and complete discretion over that election. If we elect to replace the Product or component, we will replace it with the model, version, color, or style available at the time of replacement, which may be different in certain respects than the original. If you wish to replace a defective Product with a more expensive Product, you may be required to pay the difference in price between the original Product and the more expensive Product.

    Any repair or replacement will not extend the original period of limited warranty, nor will it constitute the beginning of a new limited warranty period.

  • DO You Offer Discounts?

    Yes we do.  Discount codes are available for a limited period of time and can be found on our website, our social channels or partnership websites. 

    Our discount codes are not available on orders that use our interest free finance option.
    Discount codes may be subject to additional terms and conditions (including expiry date/time) which will be shared at the point of publication. 
    All discount codes are subject to availability and only one code can be used per order.

    To use your discount:
    When you are in the order summary, click: "Add coupon code here"

    - Enter your code
    - Click Apply
    - Click CHECKOUT
    Please always check the deal for further details.

  • Can I Use More Than One Discount Code On A Single Order?

    Only one discount code can be used per order. We often run multiple promotions so please use the one that works out better for the products that you want to buy. 

    You can always save the other one for your next order.

  • Returns

    Yes! Both the Mattress Protector and the Sheets have enough depth and stretch to fit on virtually any mattress. Remember – anything that goes between you and your Vesgantti® Mattress needs to be stretchy to unlock the full comfort of your bed

  • How Do I Return Matress For Full Refund ?

    Contact us and we'll help you every step of the way :)

  • How Can I Start The Return Process Of My Vesgantti Mattress?

    Thank you for giving Vesgantti a try! We're so sorry to hear that it's not the right mattress for you. email to start the return process! 

  • Why Are There No Returns On the Vesgantti Sheets ?

    Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns or trial period, but we do offer a 1-year warranty!

  • How Do I Check On The Status Of A Refund?

    We're happy to help check on your refund! Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at   with your order number on hand.

  • My Product Arrived Deffective Or Damaged. What Should I Do?

    We're so sorry to hear that your product arrived in less than perfect condition! We'd love to help you resolve this issue right away with the help of our Quality Assurance team. They'll need to know a bit of information on your order as well as the issue you're experiencing with your product. 

    To report your issue, please reach out to our Customer Experience team by emailing us   with your order number.