Pressure's off, rest on

We are committed to providing our customers with comfort yet contemporary mattress of the highest . quality. Our team of experts are credited with inventing a healthy sleep system that encourages a better night’s sleep.We use sleep science to make products that not only help you fall asleep more quickly, but stay in deep sleep longer. 

With an in-depth understanding of interior design, our team of designers are passionate in combining contemporary European design with human engineering concepts to convert every bed into a master piec.

We're deeply rooted in using sleep science to make the mattress that not only help you fall asleep more quickly, but stay in deep sleep longer. It is difficult to pick out a right mattress for people, the existed mattress may be too soft or too firm for you. So we started to design the multilayer hybrid mattress, tested and tested, our team spent more than one year and 5,000 hours of actual sleep tests to develop a perfect mattress that works in concert to improve your rest. We made the spring unit even more flexible so that it moulds to the sleeper's body. This means more support and a better sleep. We started with the four layers of foam, experimenting with different combinations of foam - memory foam, high density foam, high elasticity foam and natural foams - until we got it right.


founded in 2012.


Produce comfortable and affordable products for every family.

Make your house a warm and comfortable home. 

What Affects Sleep?

Early in our research, we learned there are three key factors that affect sleep quality: comfort, support, and temperature regulation.


Comfort is personal.

That’s why we top our mattress with layers of air-channeled foam and memory foam that conform to your body


No one wants to a saggy mattress .

Our mattress uses pocket coils that independently Adapt to any body for the perfect level of support while you sleep.


Whether you sleep hot or cool, our sleep system is designed to provide the ideal sleeping temperature.

• Stretch-knit fabric that the top layer in our mattress that’s soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable 

Our Materials

We use only the highest grade premium materials on exceptionally well-designed sleep products,and We're over-certified.

We're leading the industry in product standards.  hold more certifications than most of our competitors.

*GoldCertiPUR-US      *Oeko Tex Standard     *Fire CMA Testing

Our high-grade foams and memory foam have been certified by independent laboratories to meet CertiPUR-US® standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

Our cotton and fabric have passed the OEKO-TEX® tests, an independent global standard for testing for harmful substance in all textiles and materials that may touch the skin