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      What sets Vesgantti apart

      • Vesgantti®icoils core support layer

        Designed to keep your spine aligned while eliminating pressure points.

      • The vesgantti®comfort foams Layers

        It's got a snug softness that hugs your body and keeps the pressure off

      • The Cooling foam core & breathable cover

        Helps circulate air and wick away heat while you sleep.
        So you can stay cool

        Get to know
        Vesgantti mattress?

        savings too good to sleep on

        Get to know
        Vesgantti mattress?

        savings too good to sleep on

        Get to know
        Vesgantti mattress?

        savings too good to sleep on

        Produce Comfortable And Affordable Products For Every Family.

        we are committed to providing our customers with comfort yet contemporary mattress of the highest quality.

        our team of experts are credited with inventing a healthy sleep system that encourages a better night’s sleep.

        we use sleep science to make products that not only help you fall asleep more quickly, but stay in deep sleep longer.

        Designed in the U.K.

        • BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified, No Toxic
        • 10-Year Limited Warranty
        • 100-Night Sleep Trial
        • Free Local Delivered In A Box

        See why customers love the Wave mattress.

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          Time to get your sleep together,
          meet our new products.