Taking the time to adjust

We recommend giving your body at least 30 days to adjust — read on for tips to get there faster.

Still getting comfy?

The good news: it’s totally normal to experience new sensations with a new mattress. The better news: our experts and customers have advice for adapting faster.

What Affects Sleep?

Early in our research, we learned there are three key factors that affect sleep quality: comfort, support, and temperature regulation.


Comfort is personal.

That’s why we top our mattress with layers of air-channeled foam and memory foam that conform to your body


No one wants to a saggy mattress .

Our mattress uses pocket coils that independently Adapt to any body for the perfect level of support while you sleep.


Whether you sleep hot or cool, our sleep system is designed to provide the ideal sleeping temperature.

• Stretch-knit fabric that the top layer in our mattress that’s soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable 

More time can help

Ironically, you may actually feel uncomfortable or sore at first, as many of us have adopted a poor posture in life over the years. Many of our customers report that after a period of adjustment, the discomfort goes away.

At the end of the night, we're here for you

Our team of Sleep Specialists can talk with you 1-on-1 to help further identify what the source of your discomfort might be, and provide tailored suggestions. contact us