Vesgantti Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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This sleep pillow is made with 4 layers different but adjustable density foam rather than chemical foam,it consist of 1st Layer - Gel memory foam,2nd Layer - Breathable baby foam, 3rd Layer - Memory foam, 4th Layer - PU support base foam.Whether you're a side or back sleepers, you'll be sure to love this supportive and comfortable contour Pillow.

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    How we built it

    Armed with our Our adjustable memory fiber holds its shape. Inside, resilient contouring foam provides pressure-relieving support. Cotton cover protects your pillow for longer life.

    Gel Memory Foam Layer

    Perforated breathable foam adds a refreshing feel plush.

    Breathable Baby Foam

    Enhanced support and breathable

    Memory Foam Layer

    * Align your spine and provide more relief.

    PU Support Base Foam Layer

    Add support and provide more relief.

    Technical Specification

    The Vesgantti orthopedic pillow distributes the pressure to your head, shoulders and neck.

    Vesgantti neck support pillow is designed with 4 adjustable foam layers, each layer also has different density. In this way, Vesgantti provides several combinations for different firmness & height requirements, ensuring ideal neck and head support;

    Offering targeted support to ease neck and shoulder pain. Different heights in both sides- 14cm/12cm, makes it a perfect pillow for back, side and stomach sleepers

    Unbelievably soft and breathable cover

    This material naturally wicks away moisture from your skin, and the mesh on this pillowcase also disperses body heat to keep cool

    Feel good with a natural touch.

    Feel the light embrace of softness

    Frequently Asked Questions.

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    • Can I wash my vesgantti pillow?
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