Its most comfort mattress, The vesgantti, has more than 10,000 reviews between those posted on Amazon, and its own site, 

his is great value for money, memory foam and springs is the way forwards. I researched this and memory foam on its own is too subjective as some people find it too hard and others too soft.
I have a bad back for a number of years, I've tried pocket sprung with 2000 springs which didn't work so then tried memory foam mattress which actually made my back worse as did not support but sunk in to my body shape as that is what foam alone does.
You get a balance with springs and memory foam with this mattress and resolves the issue of it being too firm or too soft, giving the added support needed for sufferers of back problems as well as a good nights sleep.
I recommend this mattress and its less than 15 percent of what i have paid before.


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