I waited a couple of months to really be able to give an honest review, the vesgantti mattresses are the ones that have seemed to impress us the most and stay with us the longest. My daughter still has the very first one we reviewed from them for her bedroom and refuses to part with it. So when it came time to buy a mattress for our master suite there was no question with what brand we would be buying. I already knew I liked the brand and could count on the quality. 

If you've never ordered a hybrid mattress online don't be surprised when it comes in a very heavy but smaller than might be expected box. which is extremely convenient for me considering how little space you have when you are moving.  The mattress will expand quickly. You want to get it into position before openining the seal. Once you do it's going to start to "inflate" at a rapid pace.

We put it on the box spring and as we had anticipated it began to expand. Within an hour I could lay on it comfortably .The packaging suggested to let it air out for 24-48hrs, I gave it a day and a half, I'm sure if you were to open all your Windows and let air flow freely it would be faster but I didn't do that personally.
I did not notice any odor with this mattress, and trust me I'm prone to odor induced migraines so I'd notice if there was a problem with chemical smell.

As far as comfort, I love this. After the first month or so I did notice slight indentations where I lay on my shoulders every night but I have no issue whatsoever with this as it is now more conforming to my body which makes my sleep even better. This does that. I would call it a medium firm. Soft enough to cushion but firm enough to give support.

 this mattress is very affordable and compared to a lot of other mattresses on the market this is your best bet if you are on a budget.. It is as comfortable and supportive as other mattresses i have slept on costing 4 times as much!