Knowing how to choose the right mattress for a child is one thing that can help your child's sleeping habits and promote healthy development, If you’re a new parent or find yourself buying bigger shoes for your youngster almost every week, chances are you only want the best for your kid.

How to Choose a Mattress for Your Child

 Mattresses for kids should be able to stand the test of time, provide adequate support for your growing child, and most importantly, make your child want to sleep. In some cases, innerspring mattresses are more supportive for children than foam; however, memory foam mattresses can provide more support for older children and teens as they evenly distribute their weight, Vestantti engage in a hybrid mattress that stays in a neutral position and improve the better sleeping experience for the children.


Older children's mattress size

You can begin with the 3+plus side if your child is younger than 8. As they get older, flip it to the 8+ side so they can transition smoothly from toddler to tween (and eventually from tween to teenager). The Vesgantti also features an organic cotton cover with a water-resistant finish, making it an ideal mattress for toddlers.

How Firm or Soft Should You Go?

As when we talk about comfort and support, a new mattress should never be too soft or too firm. To ensure both your body and spine remain in a neutral position, a mattress should be as neutral as possible. It should be soft where it's needed, while not being overly soft. However, your mattress must also be supportive without being too rigid. The best mattress for a child.


What’s the Best Type of Mattress for a Child?

Starting at age 5, a medium-firm hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress is best for older children. Since memory foam doesn't allow jumping, the mattress can last longer while the firmness provides spinal support as your child grows. However, memory foam is dangerous for young children and babies due to the risk of suffocation.  

Do Kids Need Firm or Soft Mattresses?

It is best for children to sleep on a medium-firm or firm mattress to support their spinal alignment as they grow.

Can a One-Year-Old Sleep on a Memory Foam Mattress?

One-year-olds should sleep on a firm crib mattress to prevent suffocation.