My wife and I recently bought this bed and have only slept on it for a few nights so far, but I intend this to be a "rolling" review where I update as time passes.

(11/19/18) The unpacking:

The bed came in a decent sized box that I was able to carry into the apartment with no problem. It was packaged well with many layers of protection for the mattress. I unpacked the mattress and laid it out on our bed frame, which it fit perfectly. I did this around noon time and the bed was fully expanded at a uniform 10" by bed time that night. I observed absolutely no odor upon unpacking.

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(12/23/18) The first few nights sleep:

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality considering the price. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was cautiously optimistic. As everyone says, the bed is soft and firm. To a layman like me, it appears that you sink in until the bottom portion of "memory foam", which is where all the support really comes from. My wife and I have both been pretty happy with our sleep so far and both have noted longer stretches of sleep and less readjusting throughout the night.

For now, I am leaving the rating at 4.5/5.

(1/7/19) An update after a few weeks of sleep. Its holding up well, still comfortable, and is agreeing with both my wife and I and neither of us wake up with back pain any more. No buyer's remorse so far. Very happy with this purchase and have upgraded to 5/5 stars for now.

(1/30/19) Love it. I actually think the bed is getting more comfortable as its being "broken in" a little bit. Sleeping better than ever. Never wake up with aches and the bed is holding up after months of use. Both still happy!

After about 3 months the quality declined. Keeping at at 4.8 stars. There will be no further update. We are keeping it as a guest bed and have received compliments.

For the price, i would call this a quality temporary solution. Certainly not a great long term option.