~~~zzZZzzzzZZzZzzZZZZzzZzZ Snoring,which breathe in a very noisy way while you are sleeping ,is a common sleep phenomenon,but is usually ignored by people. Many people sleep and snore, and people are used to it. Many people think that snoring is the cause of sleeping fragrance, but in fact, snoring is a great threat to human health,and will affect your lover's sleep quality.

Snoring can lead to daytime drowsiness, fatigue, inattention, headache, decreased ability to work, etc. Snoring is an independent risk factor for hypertension. Severe snoring is often accompanied by sleep apnea syndrome. Snoring needs to be identified and treated as soon as possible.

"snoring is a sign that there is a really narrowed space" says Dr. Sanjay Patel, a sleep disorder specialist at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. "That happens either in your nasal passages or in the back of your throat."

Why people snore

According to medical research, After people fall asleep, the human body is relaxed, which may be caused by the relaxation of nerve muscles,leads to the decrease of muscle tension and the fall of soft tissue around the upper respiratory tract. The falling soft tissue leads to the obstruction of the respiratory tract. Because the respiratory tract is not smooth, the human body will subconsciously open its mouth to breathe. The purpose of opening its mouth to breathe is to increase the intensity of the air flow. When the air flow enters the narrow respiratory tract When it happens, it will cause the respiratory tract to vibrate, and the sound produced by the vibration is snoring.

So people who are fat, people with loose throat muscles, people with throat inflammation are most likely to snore.

How We Improved Our SNORING

What's the difference between Snoring and Sleep Apnea?People who snore may have sleep apnea.People with sleep apnea must snore. People with sleep apnea sleep shallowly and are prone to sleepiness during the day.

There're some simple changes can help to turn down the volume of snoring: lose weight ; quit smoking and alcohol; exercise actively; take sedative drugs carefully; choose to lie on one's side; pick up the suitable pillow.

However,If a person snores loundly and snores five out of seven days, 

it needs to be treated by a doctor.