Which mattress size is good for your bed? Read this article to know about the size selection of your mattress to feel confident in your purchase
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Buying a too-small or too large mattress is one of the biggest mistakes new bed-buyers make. Couples who’ve been sleeping on a “double” (also known as a full-size mattress) since they got together may think they have enough room – until they learn that each person has only as much sleeping space as a baby’s crib! This guide will help you understand mattress sizing, along with recommendations to find your best fit.
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For many parents, the time to move their children into a bigger bed comes when they reach 35 inches in height or 2 years of age, whichever comes first ready to move out of their cots. Care should be taken to ensure that the mattress fits perfectly on your kids' bed. Turning the mattress regularly will also reduce wear over time.
2'6 Small single
A twin mattress is a good choice for children who have outgrown their cribs , Twin mattresses can also be the perfect size for a guest bed, daybed or bunkbed, especially in smaller rooms.
3'0 Single
This size  might be a good alternative for those living in tight spaces. . It’s also a common size in college dormitories.This size is great for people who sleep on their own and is a good longer term option for a child as it will last well into their teens. Single sized mattresses are also a great option for larger spare rooms and guest bedrooms.
4'0 Small double
Small double mattresses are better suited for one person but can be bought for two average sized adults who don't mind sleeping close to each other. A small double is also a good choice for couples whose bedroom isn't particularly wide.
4'6 Double
 A double mattress is a good choice for couples who don’t need as much sleeping space or who want more living space in their bedroom. A double mattress is the perfect sleeping solution for couples. This size allows for a good amount of room so each person can get an undisturbed night's sleep. 
5'0 King
Great if you like plenty of sleeping room; a king size mattress will mean you'll be able to turn and move positions without disturbing your partner. If you or your partner are 190cm or taller we recommend a king. In the USA this mattress is referred to as a 'Queen' 
6'0 Super king
For a large bedroom, or an especially long bedroom,The very best in sleeping comfort - the super king mattress gives an unbeatable amount of space for you and your partner. If your family all like to squeeze in together on Sunday mornings or just someone who values a lot of space, the super king is a great option.
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