Mattress Review

As said by many. Great mattress at an unheard of price point.  No body indents, no rolling to the center like who did on the 2000$ mattress. 
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If this mattress lasts 4 years (actually 10-year warranty ), it’s a win/win. Standard 2000$ mattresses are supposed to be replaced after 8 years ( wonder if that recommendation comes from the mattress company.,🧐) you could buy 5 of these over the next 20 years at the cost of around 1400.00 or 2 standard innerspring mattresses. 
Ok let’s recap:
1. Mattress will grow if you leave it alone and don’t peek.
2. Price is unbelievably more affordable to everyone 
3. Described as firm, and it is firm but super pressure point pain for us middle age folk.
4. Placed on a platform base, this is to make it perform better and last longer than on the metal frame sold separately. If you have or will purchase a metal frame, put a piece of thick plywood on frame, under this mattress, and you shouldn’t have indents and lumpy spots like others have noticed. It’s just common sense that a smooth flat surface will be better than the metal open surface of the frame.
5. Immediately covered with a zip on full encasement, water resistant mattress cover.
6. Sleep like you are 20 again!

 This mattress easily outperforms mattresses that cost thousands. Look no more and get this mattress. You will be glad you did.
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