As someone loaded with sports injuries, sleeping isn't easy.a lower back spinal injury, separated shoulder, dislocated collar bone, and a neck injury. Laying on one side or the other with the mattress for more that 5 minutes was not optional and the pain would build and sleeping would be difficult. Once asleep he/she would wake often to try to get comfortable.

Mattresses - Unbelievable Prices - vesgantti mattress

On the  nights with vesgantti mattress, you slept without injuring yourself, no increase in pain and woke in less pain than the night before (hopefully a trend).you melted into it and passed out. No random waking in the middle of the night to adjust position. It is interesting as it seems neither soft or firm, you sink in a little like a plush pillow top and when you stop sinking it is firm but without building pressure points.

A mattress that a medium firm. Soft enough to cushion but firm enough to give support.

This mattress is firm enough to feel completely supportive, while still providing some give for pressure points