In fact, children and adults both need a good mattress. Adults can keep sleeping well and getting enough rest with a suitable mattress. This is the same reason for kids that correct mattress is also important.

Why do children need a correct mattress?

Growing kids require a healthy night’s sleep to aid in their development, health, and happiness. The right mattress is essential for providing a sleep surface that is comfortable and healthy for growing kids. It should also accommodate growth spurts and other changes along the way.

The wrong mattress, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on sleep quality. This can impact the child’s health, growth, and development. Failure to get an adequate amount of sleep has been linked to a variety of negative side effects for children, including:


● Excessive talking

● Difficulty going to sleep at night and waking in the morning

● Emotional outbursts and/or tantrums

● Loss of coordination or clumsiness

Factors To Consider


Anti-collision corners of the mattress is a very reasonable design. If the four corners of the mattress are pointed, although it is soft, it will be more or less Security has an impact.

 Not Too Soft And Not Too Firm

If a mattress is too soft, although it is comfortable to sleep, it is easy to fall and is difficult to turn over for kids. And a mattress is too hard, it can not properly support all parts of the body. On the contrary, too firm mattress will cause more serious chronic damage on the spine, especially for developing child. Once the spine is damaged, it not only affects the long and physical appearance, but may even affect the development of internal organs. Vesgantti hybrid mattress may be a good choice, included individual spring coli, which provides better supports to the body.

A Mattress With Suitable Support

A ideal mattress should be consist of a soft upper and lower layer and a strong and elastic intermediate layer. On the one hand, the middle layer can provide the necessary support to the child's body, And on the other hand, when it is subjected to the pressure generated by the weight, it can be transmitted to the soft lower layer, thereby holding up the child's body without causing spinal deformity.

Suitable Mattress Is Best

When we choose a correct mattress for a child, it is more appropriate to make a distinction according to the age of the child. Because a suitable mattress can make child sleep more comfortable, especially does not affect physical development.

It is not easy to choose the right mattress for growing children all the time. The Vesgantti mattress series provide comfortable mattress of all sizes for families.

These are a few examples of the best products we have to offer.

 Don't jump on the mattress

Jumping on the mattress can cause the spring coil damaged and the mattress may be out of shape. Thereby shortening the service life of the mattress.

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