Conventional wisdom states you should replace your mattress once every 5-10 years. Of course, this number depends on how often you use the mattress and how well you care for it. Vesgantti mattresses are specifically designed with long-term durability and resilience in mind. Our engineers and designers were tired of purchasing expensive mattresses only to find the foam or springs unsupportive after a few short years. So we set out to layer materials in an innovative way.

how often should you change your mattress
To extend the life of your mattress, it’s also important to take proper care of it. Rotating the Vesgantti with the seasons will allow for even wear. Vesgantti ’s  mattress protector can also keep your mattress feeling like new. The great thing about Vesgantti mattresses is that our limited warranty covers a full 10 years, so you’re guaranteed to have restful, rejuvenating sleep for the next decade.

If your mattress has physical signs of deterioration, that means that it’s time for a change. How those changes manifest depends on the type of mattress you have. If you’re rolling with an inner coil mattress, maybe there are some lumps from where the springs have lost tension. If you’re using a hybrid mattress, look for fraying along the stitching or for spots where the different materials may come undone.

Often if it’s reached this level of degradation, you’ve been sleeping on a bad mattress for a while. You probably already know how often to change a mattress, so trust your gut before it gets to this point! It’s your body that’s at stake.